The benefits

Redefining the way you manage your soap supply

The Rapid Soap™ system is a revolutionary smart foam soap dispenser that reduces the amount of soap you use by up to 90% and associated plastic waste by 98%.

Providing up to 30,000 hand washes from a single container, your facilities team can rest assured the client will never be without soap.

Connect  Rapid Soap™ to the internet and it provides you with metrics related to your washroom such as frequency of use, consumables levels, and more.

Designed and manufactured by Rapid Washrooms in the UK, it offers previously unattainable levels of reliability, with systems capable of millions of operations. 



Product Information


Installation to suit your washroom

Rapid Soap™ can be retrofitted into wide range of washrooms.

Both wall and counter mounted variations are available, with a simple threaded stem and nut attachment to secure.

Our dedicated installation team can usually implement the system overnight with the minimum of disruption to your existing infrastructure.



  • Wall mounted
  • Counter mounted


Power Supply 110 - 240 Vac / 50 - 60 Hz (UL Approved)
Operative Voltage 12 Vdc
Maximum Load  ≈ 7 W / 600 mA
Weight (not including reservoir) ≈ 1 kg
Working Temperature 5 - 55 °C 
Single Reservoir Capacity 5 L & 10 L
Chemical Dose Size Fully Adjustable - 0.35 min
Internet Connectivity Online device: Please contact for details
Data Collected Please contact for details
Data Analysis

Please contact for details



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