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High Footfall Washrooms

"The introduction of Rapid's smart washroom equipment has significantly reduced the number of complaints received from passengers using our facilities, as ISS can remotely monitor the levels of consumable usage, this has enabled us to improve the customer washroom experience. We have also been able to deploy resources more effectively with the data we have from the different systems"


Blaise De Suza, ISS General Manager



What can Rapid Washrooms do to optimise your facilities management?



Your environment requires specialist equipment

Washrooms in transport hubs and other high use areas place a high load on amenities such as soap dispensers, toilets & urinals.

Care must be taken when selecting equipment that outwardly appears to do the job but soon fails, leaving your patrons with no soap, overflowing urinals or unpleasant toilets.

Rapid Washrooms equipment has been designed specifically to cope with these demands, utilising hard wearing materials and long life components and the ability to perform predictive maintenance by monitoring usage online in order to determine service schedules as opposed to waiting for a failure.

If you are cleaning your facilities based solely on a routine schedule, you're not making the most of your staff's available time.

By tracking washroom usage patterns, using our smart soap dispensers and smart toilet systems, we can help you make the most of your existing resources, or deploy those resources more efficiently, optimising your washroom cleaning routines, reducing queues, improving your overall customer experience and saving you time and money.


Improve on your QSM scores

Product failures, unpleasant odours and consumables running out are affecting your customer experience.




Reduce complaints through improved product reliability.

  • Our durable stainless steel dispensers wont corrode or wear like chrome plated products and can be PVD coated to make them scratch resistant.
  • Tested to 1 million activations, our soap and toilet cleaning systems are built from the ground up for heavy use and a long service life.divider


Urinal Odour


Eradicate odours and mask toilet stains to improve your customers experience and reduce blockages.

  • The Rapid Blue system colours your toilet water a deep blue to masks stains and improve the appearance of the toilet,
  • Releases a pleasant fragrance with each flush to mask washroom odours,
  • Kills bacteria with an environmentally friendly biocide whilst simultaneously preventing scale build up from hard water.
  • Rapid Clear chemistry reduce blockages and drainage related odours caused by uric scale build up in the drain system.



Monitor consumables online


Soap running out is the number one washroom complaint.

  • Monitor consumables online to prevent them running low.
  • Receive email alerts when levels get low, in case you forgot to check.
  • Predict trends of use to plan stock levels throughout the washroom.



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Get away from reactive maintenance and perform predictive maintenance instead.

  • Schedule maintenance based on the number of flushes and  activations products perform, not a routine schedule, ensuring your product is serviced as its required, reducing the chances of failure and enabling you to offer a preventative service as opposed to reactive.
  • Observe quiet periods to minimise service impact.


Make ongoing savings

Choose a smarter approach to washroom maintenance and reduce your consumable costs. 


Monitor washroom usage

Schedule your staff more effectively without compromising service.

  • Observe washroom trends to effectively distribute staff where and when they're needed the most.
  • Place ambassadors in locations that achieve the most impact, by identifying busy locations in real time.
  • Increase or decrease cleaning schedules based on system usage rather than routine.
  • Track washroom behaviour in real time to observe when consumables such as toilet rolls may need to be replenished.



Washroom Chemicals


Reduce washroom consumable costs.

  • The Rapid Soap dispenser can produce 16500 hand washes from as little as £10.15
  • Automated antibacterial, anti-limescale, fragranced blue toilet water for less than 1 penny a flush.
  • Spend less time filling soap systems, a 10 litre bag of Rapid Soap can produce 33000 hand washes before it needs changing and is also available in 5 & 20 litre options.divider


Toilet out of service


Reduce the cost of reacting to, and cleaning up after, product failures caused by inappropriately specified hardware and services.

  • Your washroom environment is more demanding than an office block, yet you're using the same washroom equipment and it can't cope.
  • We develop products specifically for high use areas. Do not be fooled by outwardly attractive soap dispensers from other suppliers who don't understand the demands of high footfall areas; question their materials and the service life of pumps and electronics.
  • Avoid the hidden costs of diagnosing faults, sending staff to clean up spillages or arguing over warranties.  We can take responsibility for our equipment and the filling of consumables for a fixed monthly cost.
  • Our soap is supplied in air sealed bags and our dispenser has patent pending technology to reduce the presence of bacteria in soap that can causes blockages and pose a health risk to your customers.divider

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