Queuing for the washrooms is never enjoyable.

Standing in line for the washroom is something we have all endured, particularly in high footfall areas such as airports, conference centres and music venues and is rarely the most positive memory of your time at a facility or event

It affects your overall experience and leaves a lasting, negative memory, that can result in complaints, bad feeling or a decision to spend money else where in the future.


standing in queue for toilet


What can you do to minimize the dreaded washroom queue?

Improving the flow of users through a washroom is the best way to reduce congestion, ideally having a member of staff available to direct the flow, guiding customers to an available cubicle and ensuring none sit empty while other people are standing in line waiting.  Few companies, however, have the resource to do this.


Customers assess cubicle occupancy by checking doors and lock indicators.

Many people feel uncomfortable doing so and it's not always clear from the washroom entrance which cubicles are occupied and which are not. Indicators associated with the lock are often small and hard to see and people don't like to lose their place in a queue to make a closer inspection and therefore wait to see someone exit a cubicle before making a move.

This means certain toilets get used significantly more than others over a short period of time. Toilet paper runs out faster and the need for cleaning increases at an unpredictable and hard to manage rate, increasing the opportunity for a customer complaint.


Cubicle occupancy lighting


Cubicle occupancy lighting guides customers to an available toilet to maximise washroom efficiency.

Rapid Free™ is a cubicle occupancy lighting system designed to reduce queues, improve washroom efficiency and customer experience.  It guides them to the first available cubicle using an easy to understand red & green traffic light system.

As the internal sensors detect a user entering the cubicle, the external indicator light changes from green to red, indicating its occupation status.

The indicator light is easily visible from the washroom entrance, so there's no need to try doors or look under cubicles, improving the customers' experience both inside and outside the cubicle. Occupancy status indicator

cubicle occupancy indicator

Connect Rapid Free™ to the internet and instantly convert your washroom into a smart washroom

Observe in real time which cubicles are occupied and which are used more often, or place toilets into service mode to simplify maintenance or to coincide with toilet paper running low so nobody is caught short.

Reviewing data before and after installation of Rapid Free™ shows a clear change in user behaviour, toilets are used more evenly, while a noticeable reduction in congestion is observed.



facilities management software - occupancy



Visit rapidwashrooms.com/smart-cubicle-availability-lighting to learn more.


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