Reduce your plastic waste footprint

We should all be mindful of the plastic waste we produce and do our best to keep it at a minimum and dispose of it responsibly. Busy public washrooms must be particularly mindful, as they can generate huge amounts of plastic waste in the provision of basic essentials, such as soap and other cleaning agents.

Washroom waste statistics

  • A busy airport washroom can facilitate over 250 hand washes per sink / per day, with around 7 sinks per washroom.
  • The average liquid soap dispenser uses 2.5 ml per hand wash and the average foam dispenser 1.5 ml.
  • Each washroom can use up to as much as 5 litres of liquid soap per day or 2.5 liters when using foaming soap.
  • That equates to 1,596 litres of soap and 319 x 5 litre waste containers per washroom / per year. Creating 62 kg of plastic waste.
  • If using conventional 500 ml disposable hand pump soaps, that's 3,193 plastic bottles per washroom / per year.


We need to innovate to make a change.

The only way to change these statistics is through innovation. It is the job of engineers and product developers to create more efficient dispensers and packaging solutions.

At Rapid Washrooms we are doing just this. Developing products that use significantly less consumable than the industry is familiar with and packaging it in a way that reduces waste by up to 97%

Lets compare the statistics above using Rapid Soap dispensers and Rapid Soap containers.

  • 250 hand washes per sink / per day, with around 7 sinks per washroom.
  • 0.35 ml of soap used per hand wash
  • Each washroom now uses up to 0.6 litres of soap
  • That equates to 219 litres of soap and 22 x 10 litre Rapid Soap waste containers per washroom / per year. Creating 1.1 kg of plastic waste.


That's an 86.3% reduction in consumable and a 98.2% reduction in associated plastic waste.

While many marketing statistics can only be recreated in lab conditions, we can demonstrate that our equipment offers these savings out of the box and are happy to visit your facility to demonstrate the technology and work with you to reduce your plastic footprint.

As a design company, we can only solve the problems that are placed in front of us. If you’re a facilities manager or building owner and want to discuss your challenges and concerns over waste and inefficiency, we would love to hear from you, so we can offer solutions and start to develop the products of tomorrow.


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