Earn double points whilst learning about the latest smart washroom technologies.

Our first CPD material centers around the design, manufacture and implementation of smart washroom products and how to identify the right technologies for your project.

Smart equipment isn't just about connecting to the internet. Learn how to identify hygienic, durable washroom products that can cope with the rigors of high foot fall locations, reduce long term expenditure while benefiting the environment.

Learning aims:

  • Identifying good design practices in washroom equipment.
  • The types of data that can be captured using smart technologies.
  • How facilities teams are using data to improve efficiencies.
  • Current trends in wireless technology and what the future holds.
  • The materials, processes and challenges of bringing a new product to market in the UK.
  • The unspoken health risks of soap dispensers and how technology can overcome them.
  • How to reduce long term plastic waste, unnecessary expense and labour through product selection at the specification stage.


Visit www.rapidwashrooms.com/riba-cpds to learn more and book your session. 


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