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Rapid Free™ is a cubicle occupancy lighting system designed to reduce queues, improve washroom efficiency and customer experience, by guiding them to the first available cubicle, using an easy to understand red & green traffic light system.

As the internal sensors detect a user entering the cubicle, the external indicator light changes from green to red, indicating its occupation status.

The indicator light is easily visible from the washroom entrance, so there's no need to try doors or look under cubicles, improving the customers' experience both inside and outside the cubicle. 



Product Information


Installation to suit your washroom

Rapid Free™ has a versatile range of mounting options. Either hanging below or positioned above the cubicle system, it’s simple to retrofit into your existing washroom environment.

To overcome the challenges of floor to ceiling cubicles, or disabled access washrooms, the product can be split into two halves and then panel or wall mounted.

Our dedicated installation team can usually implement the system overnight with the minimum of disruption to your existing infrastructure.

  • Wall mounted
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Door frame mounted


Power Supply 110 - 240 Vac / 50 - 60 Hz (UL Approved)
Operative Voltage 6-9 Vdc
Maximum Load  ≈ 2.7 W @ 9v, 300 mA
Working Load ≈ 1.35W @ 9v, 150mA
Working Temperature 5 - 30°C
Installation Distance Device to cubicle back wall (line of sight) – 2 . 5m max
Mounting Options Wall mounted, Ceiling mounted or Door frame mounted
Internet Connectivity Online device: Please contact for details
Data Collected Please contact for details
Data Analysis

Please contact for details



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