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"The bathroom has been completely transformed with Rapid Washrooms equipment and chemicals, the bad smells just aren't there anymore and we've seen a significant reduction in blockages"

Andrew Sands, Facilities Manager for Bohunt School



We can help you reduce odours, prevent misuse, and cut costs


We can help prevent washroom mischief

We understand that children can be mischievous when alone in the washroom. Emptying soap dispensers for fun, putting gum down the toilet, breaking cubicles. We can offer advice and solutions to help with the problem.

Make your washroom smell clean again

Toilets and urinals are often the source of unpleasant odours in the education washroom. We understand what is causing them and our products can eradicate the problem, improving your environment and saving you money.

Reduce washroom consumable costs

Cleaning hands and toilets is essential in the education washroom; consumables can be expensive and the equipment that dispenses them uneconomic and unreliable. We have developed equipment and chemicals that can dramatically reduce ongoing costs.

Reduce blockages in urinals and toilets

Every maintenance engineer or operations manager will attest to the ongoing problem and cost associated with blocked urinals and toilets in the education washroom. We can help reduce the number of blockages you experience.


Reduce blockages

Repeated blockages in toilets and urinals are costing you money and they can be prevented.


blocked school toilet


Scale build up in your urinals and toilets, combined with chewing gum, crisp packets and a host of other foreign bodies, are contributing to your problem.

  • Rapid clear is a powerful Uric scale remover. Uric Scale is often the cause of blockages in toilets and urinals, as it reduces the effective diameter of the drain pipes and makes them rough and uneven, allowing foreign bodies to catch and lodge.
  • We can provide Urinal mats to prevent chewing gum and other items entering the drain system.
  • We can assist with the design of the washroom, providing robust bin solutions to encourage children and adults alike to dispose of their waste properly.


Reduce washroom misuse

Misuse of products in an education environment can result in soap running out, or products being damaged and voiding warranty.


Durable Washroom Equipment

Reduce misuse and breakdowns by using washroom products designed to withstand it.

  • Smart soap dispensers that allow for dose size control and prevent reactivation within an adjustable time period, stop children from emptying them for fun.
  • Durable, solid stainless steel dispensers that wont corode or wear like chrome plated products.
  • Anti-Rotation features stop products from being repositioned after installation.
  • Lock out facility can prevent product settings being changed once you've got them set up.


Eradicate Washroom Odours

Improve the washroom by dealing with the source of urinal and toilet odours.

Urinal odours


Uric scale in urinals is a breeding ground for bacteria, often the cause of bad odours.

  • Our Rapid Clear chemistry eradicates the source of urinal odours by dissolving uric scale in the drains, reducing the number of bacteria in the system.
  • Our chemicals are environmentally friendly, safe and easy to use.


Make your toilets smell nice again


Urinal blocks, toilet blocks, air fresheners and bleach can all be replaced with a single Rapid Blue toilet cleaning system.

  • Do away with toilet blocks, air fresheners and bleach.
  • Fully automated, antibacterial, anti-limescale, fragranced blue toilet and urinal water for less than 1 penny a flush.
  • Robust product, designed for airports capable of 1 million operations in its life time and easily serviced to do more.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe chemistry with no bleach.


Reduce the cost of consumables

You're spending more than you have to on washroom consumables.

Cheaper Soap

Effective and economic chemicals combined with ultra economical dispensers.

  • The Rapid Soap system can be fitted with 5, 10 or 20 litre air sealed bags, starting from as little as £10.15 for 5 litres.
  • 5 litres of Rapid Soap can produce 16500 hand washes for £10.15.
  • Your average soap dispenser is supplied from a small bag or bottle of liquid soap and is capable of around 1500 hand washes, normally at a cost of around £8.00 per litre.divider

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