With the increasing spotlight on CSR policy within organisations, rising utility costs and the importance of saving water, it’s no wonder some businesses are considering replacing their existing urinals with waterless urinal solutions.

With the obvious saving on water and money, as well as the implied reduction in maintenance, the waterless urinal option certainly looks like the only way to reduce water and boost urinal efficiency.

However, some feel that the reduction in water to carry away the urine can lead to an increase in bacteria and bad odours, not to mention having to remove what may be perfectly usable urinals in the first place.

So before you go completely waterless, consider Rapid Blue as the Smart solution.

The Rapid Blue™ system attaches to your existing toilet or urinal and injects a consistent measure of environmentally friendly, perfumed biocidal chemistry into the flow of water with every flush, neutralising both the cause and sensation of odours at source, whilst reducing limescale build up and improving the customers washroom experience.

By combining the Rapid Blue™ system, along with a flush control unit to your existing urinals, the flush frequency can be reduced to match the exact requirement accurately calculated by Rapid Blues ability to connect wirelessly to the Rapid Portal via the internet.

This allows significant water savings & environmental benefits through the reduced flushing, whilst Rapid Blue™ ensures the urinals are clean and odour free providing a viable alternative to waterless urinal systems and the resulting cost oftheir maintenance and having toreplaceyour existing infrastructure.


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