Ever since the Industrial Revolution, Britain has continued to be a major player on the worlds stage when it comes to manufacturing. Despite a heavy recession 10 years ago, slow growth and a looming Brexit, British manufacturing is still on the rise.

British design is also highly regarded internationally and continues to produce a talent pool of innovators and world class professionals challenging convention and helping shape the world’s biggest brands, such as Sir James Dyson and Apples Sir Jonathan Paul Ive to name a couple.

David Kester, Chief Executive of the Design Council says: “In terms of international reputation, UK designers have a global reputation for being amongst the most creative in the world” and although many UK companies continue to look overseas for their production, there’s many competitive reasons to buy British that benefit both businesses and consumers alike and is why we at Rapid continue to design and manufacture here in the UK.


  • Rapids expert in-house designers combine aesthetics with functionality to produce a range of products that look as good as they perform.


  • All design and testing take place at Rapids Head Quarters near Portsmouth, with all assembly and outsourced elements happening within a 45 minute radius. This enhances control over the entire process and ensures we can satisfy large orders on time, every time. It also ensures our production process has a minimal carbon footprint whilst benefiting from other top quality British suppliers.


  • High quality manufacturing ensures a very long product life, giving our customers superb value for money. In addition to the water, waste and consumables savings our products provide, our customers also benefit from an increased return on investment.


Rapid Washrooms CEO Edward Lymn says:

“Designing and manufacturing all our products in the UK is a conscious choice Rapid Washrooms chooses to make. It’s not a decision driven by financial necessity or lack of alternative solutions, but a choice that leverages world class design, top quality manufacturing and a streamlined production process that supports the sustainable ethos our company adheres to.”

By combining award winning British design, and cutting-edge intelligence, Rapid Washrooms produce a range of contemporary smart washroom products tailored for heavy footfall, commercial washrooms that monitor and manage usage like never before.

Our technology helps organisations save money, improve hygiene and benefit the environment whilst enhancing customer experiences and washroom standards. 



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